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social networking buttons

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With the Google Plus button being added, the Deviant Art one went away, and I thought, if not on the home page, one of the pages or links on the top (perhaps the one that says "Follow Us") could link to a page with all of the social networks NolanFans is connected to.
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Thanks for the suggestion, but sounds like this would add another step in the process if a user wanted to follow us. Losing the deviantART page should be no big deal; I don't think we ever posted anything there.
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K, understood, but one last thought I had. It's probably too much trouble to code anyway, but with 8, 9 and 10 social networks, you can even display them. With Deviant, it could be 3x3 (not 4x2 as it is now)

Just...as a person with OCD...I had to bring it up.
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