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Custom Titles?

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Dodd wrote:good idea. Do it Alex and Teddy!

It is known. :twothumbsup:
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Now that I'm no longer mod, I want my title to be "Thr Fresh Prince of NF".
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Cilogy wrote:Now that I'm no longer mod, I want my title to be "Thr Fresh Prince of NF".

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I think it's about time Teddy and Alex do something different on this site
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April 8, 2011:

AlexHaas wrote:Custom titles are definitely a possibility. It's likely we'll do something like this sometime during the run-up on DKR hype.

Come on Alex and Teddy, please give us custom titles!
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The 4627 post range is not apart of the custom title community... and the witness you will hear today speaks on its behalf. Let us hear the voice of that world. Let us learn from that voice... and let us ignore it no more. Ladies and gentlemen, Durden.
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