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Real spoiler tag

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I think that we need a real spoiler tag because there are sometimes jokes and other time actual spoilers hidden there.
This appended in the TDKR meme thread.
What do you think?
Considering 80-85% of spoiler tags are used solely for dramatic pause...
...It couldn't hurt.
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they can make the grey one called 'drumroll' tag and make a new one that's red and it can be the spoiler tag
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We need a real new spoiler tag asap.
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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:We need a real new spoiler tag asap.


What I thought was a joke spoiler tag turned out to be a real spoiler. I'll wait for the fucking Blu-ray now.
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Don't get your hopes up, guys.
AlexHaas wrote:Don't get your hopes up, guys.

aww, but Teddy led us on last night!
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Wouldn't that be kind of confusing for members who don't know what's going on? Two spoiler buttons? I think they'd be kind of confuse on which one to choose.
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only one would be called 'spoiler' the other one would have an appropriate dramatic pause name
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