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Name-calling and personal attacks

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Is it just me or has the tone of the forum become more fierce over the last year?

I don't know, obviously there are more users active now than during the Inception days which probably is one reason for this, but it's really getting annoying with people attacking each other and calling each other names as soon as they get into a heated argument. It starts reminding me of IMDb.

Not really attacking anyone but this is just the feeling I have right now, and it's probably because a lot of us gets frustrated with spoilers and stuff, I guess. But I think the mods needs to tighten this up before people can do whatever they want.
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I agree, the worst thing is that much of the negative tension comes from some of the most active members. They might just see it as fun and everybody seems to be part of the it. But I think its a problem, because people coming from outside and perhaps considering making a user her might not get it.
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Some members do that but that's a minority.
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Mr. Caine wrote:Some members do that but that's a minority.

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RIFA wrote:
Mr. Caine wrote:Some members do that but that's a minority.


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everyone needs to chill... its from all this TDKR excitement.
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Agreed, I do my best to interpret tone and warn or ban users if they legitimately insult others, but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle the best thing anyone can do is report posts they think are insulting. In fact, please do so, it will drastically improve everyone's experience if we can be more aware of when this happens. And don't just report when something is obviously insulting, if it is even in question report it and we'll work it out.
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I'll try and remain calm.
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i can't think of anything funny to say
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prince0gotham wrote:i can't think of anything funny to say

That was funny. :lol:
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