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This Website used to be great but now...

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Sorry, but I'm starting loose the interest in NolanFans just 'cause the constantly stupid (sorry, unnecesary) threads that are coming out.
It's not even funny anymore.
Alex, Teddy (GOD) if you read this, please do something about it. It is getting annoying. :facepalm:
This was just a rebellion against oppressive (but still cool) moderators. It'll stop by tomorrow. :thumbup:

We're just pissed off because of exams and all the fake viral teasers. The constant thread locking was the last straw.
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Those threads have been locked. Today was an unusual day. No need to cry about it.
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Beware of the Forum Fun section, it usually goes crazy when we are all bored. Expect these shenanigans at least once every ten days.
Well, at least no one got banned. Not even a warning! :lol:
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What set everyone off is when the "mewbie rebiew" thread got closed. And everyone unfairly blamed theweatherman.
Alright good rioting people. I'd like to thank:

Mason1, for creating and advocating the only known thread to be brought back from deletion! LONG LIVE BACON THREAD!
IWatchFilms, who's rage began one of the most epic NF riots ever (can you imagine if prince0gotham had been here!) Also for starting a fuck-ton of threads.
Steveportee, for falsely accusing theweatherman of locking "Mewbie Rebiews".
RIFA, for the Thread of Hotness, the followup to the masturbation thread.
Am I leaving out any rioters? or was it just the five of us? :lol:

Talli, for sticking to his word and not creating any dumb threads.
Myself, for creating the Appreciated Appreciation Thread, R.I.P.
And last but not least The Mods, for taking it all in stride.
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Today has been epic. There will be a day when us Nolan Fans look back upon this glorious event, and shed a tear to those who contributed for our amusement. Long live Nolan Fans!
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solo2001 wrote:Steveportee, for falsely accusing theweatherman of locking "Mewbie Rebiews".

I wasn't the one who accused him! Get your facts straight mister!
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