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Noticed it, but didn't say anything. :P
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chee wrote:Noticed it, but didn't say anything. :P

Yeah, me too. :D
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The new system is awesome! But now I only have 2 and a half stars instead of four. :( But that's all right. It's still really awesome! This is quite possibly the perfect board ever created that caters to all the stuff I like.
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Thank you so much! I love being a camera operator! In fact, I was the camera operator of my own movie. But my goal is to actually being a director!

But I like these status! They are fun!
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Nice ranking dude, guess there is nothing beyond director.
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Got a list of all the new ranks?
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chee wrote:Got a list of all the new ranks?

1. The Cone
2. Civilian
3. Henchman
4. Rogue
5. Blackgate Inmate
6. Arkham Inmate
7. Wayne Board Member
8. Mercenary
9. Lieutenate
10. Commissioner
11. A Watchful Protector
12. A Legend
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ryan4butler wrote:
chee wrote:Got a list of all the new ranks?

1. The Cone

Oh. My. God.

This forum is the best forum.
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What happened to these?
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I forgot all about those! Dang.
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