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Can't make [*] bullet point lists

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Sorry if this has been reported or I'm doing it wrong.

But I think list tags are broken:

  • With <list><*>
  • <*<>/list> tags

Without <list><*>
<*<>/list> tags

Both look the same, when they shouldn't!
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People still use lists? :P

  1. It
  2. does
  3. work
  4. though
  1. see
  2. it
  3. works
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  1. Well
  2. I'll
  3. be
  4. damned.

So the trick is to include a "=1" or a "=a", eh?
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Who's going to bother with that shit anyway.£
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that's funny coming from you
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Pratham wrote:that's funny coming from you

Lol yeah, but what I mean is, that's just making things unnecessarily complicated. What I add is mainly in service of making my lists aesthetically appealing, and serves a purpose for presentation. :snobface:

This is just a waste of time.£
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