Randomly logged out.

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Hey, there's been a couple of times recently where I'd be logged out at random. There are times where I'd click a link to a thread and it leads me to the successful log out page. The page would even appear automatically, right when I was in the middle of making a post. I don't know if it's something with my browser (Chrome) or on the site, but I thought I'd report this regardless. Is there any way to prevent it? I make sure to tick the automatic log-in box when I sign in, if that helps.

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This also happens to me. I've noticed it happening after I've used Google to search for a topic. Once I find what I'm looking for using Google, and I use the Google link to come to that particular page on the site, I'll be logged out. But mostly it happens when I click on the 'Post Reply' button. Also using Chrome.

Also not a big deal though.

@DoubleD, sometimes when you search for an NF page through google the URL will be media.nolanfans instead of www.nolanfans. Just switch it back and you should be logged back in.

@darthnazgul, your computer is haunted.

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Randomly logged out? What are you guys tal

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