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Good day everybody. My name is Artey. I am an illustrator from Moscow. Me and my artists team are fans of Mr Nolan and we creating a comics about mainstream characters like X men, Cyberforce or Superman in "If Nolan was the scriptwriter".
That issues are not for producing, we are not going sell them. Just for post in web that everybody could download it for free.
I am working with the team of good skilled artists (we still thinks we are not professionals) on wacom cintiq 24, paper and pencils.
To help our project I need the books which could help me to create the script. As many books as It need to be.
If you want help my project, type the name of a book/comics than you think will help us.
The first book that I was advised was Atlas Shouldered.
The aim of project is take the most mainstream character and put it in new world, without action-per-panel, destroying the world etc.
ps:sry my bad grammar :p
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