I have some questions about the Nolan brothers

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Hello guys.Firstly, I hope to open the topic to the right place.I can make some language errors, because of this I connected from Turkey.

I am fan of Nolan brothers like to all of you.One main reasons for this, I am screenwriter.A group for the first time in Turkey, they took the best screenplay award in Cannes with the "EZEL" television series.I am a student of that group.

I think Jonathan is more succesfully than to Christopher. :)
Jo has proven to himself with the Person Of Interest television series and The Prestige cinema films.

Now, lets to the main topic.

For the Nolan brothers, do they use the "Hero's Journey" in their screenplay?

If you use or not use, are there any other things that they use as a template?

What is the "STORY MAP" ? Is it Nolan brothers book's ? If so, how I can find to it?

What else should I know about the work of these brothers screenplays ? (Books, articles, interviews, magazines) :)

And finally, do they have plans for organizing training workshops on the screenplay?

Thank you very much.Have a good day. :)

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