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Possibility of Talli Returning

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Ok so the idea of Talli returning has been floating around the forum for a bit now and getting a fairly warm reception. Other members as well as myself have suggested that Talli be unbanned. I've mentioned this to admins and mods and many are welcome to the idea but are worried about the possible squabble or backlash it may cause. So I thought it would be healthy to start a thread where we can open a dialogue amongst veterans about this subject because from the looks of it, this has to be a collective decision. The reason I think Talli should be welcomed back on NF is because he would give some life back to the forum while we get through this stale time of no news on Nolan's upcoming project plus he would also contribute to fun discussion. If you have a legitimate problem with the possibility of him returning contribute to the discussion please.

Voice your opinion. And keep things tasteful. Turning this thread into a riot or a big argument will get us nowhere.
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prince0gotham wrote:I don't think it's a good idea at all and I'm sure it'll become apparent soon enough after/if it happens. It also doesn't make any sense at all and if the people that have left the forum (or become passive/inactive) haven't done that there would be a lot more opinions against it. It doesn't make sense because if talli gets unbanned pretty much any permabanned member should get unbanned. Unbanning people like him or tykjen or based has always only lead to recidivism. Is the place bit more boring without all that fuss? Ofc it is, but I don't think we need all the ingrigue back, having in mind things have been good and calm for weeks now, even if it's somewhat dead too.

However, weirdly enough, I won't rebell against that decision. He could come back being all 'haha im back bitchez', or he could've matured. I doubt it though.
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Um no. The dude lies and makes crap up and is just annoying and is a terrible person. His words hold no weight because all he does is lie and anyone who trust a word out of his mouth is a fool.

And I mean didn't he come on here and try and ruin the end of TDKR for people? Yeah lets let him back.. what a joke
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Guy gets banned for 15 or more warnings and hell knows how many LEGITIMATE bans.He constantly baited,insulted,trolled members and stirred shit up on top of being a retarded douche and people+the staff THE FUCKING STAFF want him back?
this is why NF is on a constant spiral of shit-IDIOCITY IS ENDORSED,LOVED AND CELEBRATED UPON!
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Ok maybe I was wrong about the warm reception part :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: I guess I needed a bigger sample size

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I don't have a problem with it. He never bugged me on the forum and I enjoy chatting with him outside of it.

If Teddy's fine with letting him back let him back and see what happens.
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Allstar wrote:Image

The very minute he returns, I'm gone - that would be all.
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