Possibility of Talli Returning

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lol a 5th chance

If for some crazy reason he comes back I will try and put up with him

But I mean after his past why should he be allowed back? Cuz it is boring here?

and thanks Allstar

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Law_of_4 wrote:
Redsmile wrote:Maybe we are not talking about the same person.

I know what you mean when you say just ignore them. That's what I tired to do. But he is just everywhere. People won't shut up about him and by the end of it all this place is Tallifans. It's all anyone will talk about. I was sick of it and if he comes back I will prob get sick of him again.

And I don't just insult people...
Not Everyone deserves a 301th chance.

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Allstar wrote:
Law_of_4 wrote:Okay but, you don't run this site. It isn't up to you who can come and go.
This thread was made to voice your opinion on the matter and that is all he did and you attacked him because of your love for talli. :roll:
Well, I wasn't attacking him.. I didn't mean for that to sound insulting, it's true.

and.... about talli..

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I dunno, if this means Redsmile and M4 (god knows who else) leaving then there's absolutely no point or worth in this.

I was going to propose that if this actually happens that it should be as a part of a series of reforms of rules around here. Possibly clearing out warnings and everything and starting all over with unconditional (or at least near-to) rules. I mean this can't go on, ban someone for loads of times and tolerate stuff and then just get him back weeks/months later. This doesn't promote obedience and good behavior, it promotes the opposite. We can get to this without unbanning talli too, I just think that if he actually does get unbanned then there should be some huge compencation, building towards a future for this place.

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prince0gotham wrote:
Redsmile wrote:Um no. The dude lies and makes crap up and is just annoying and is a terrible person. His words hold no weight because all he does is lie and anyone who trust a word out of his mouth is a fool.

And I mean didn't he come on here and try and ruin the end of TDKR for people? Yeah lets let him back.. what a joke
Mr. Caine wrote:Guy gets banned for 15 or more warnings and hell knows how many LEGITIMATE bans.He constantly baited,insulted,trolled members and stirred shit up on top of being a retarded douche and people+the staff THE FUCKING STAFF want him back?
this is why NF is on a constant spiral of shit-IDIOCITY IS ENDORSED,LOVED AND CELEBRATED UPON!
Cilogy wrote:lol
Allstar wrote:Image
m4st4 wrote:
The very minute he returns, I'm gone - that would be all.
Co-sign this and every other post against this funny idea.

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Honestly, I don't even care anymore. You want talli gone, then you want him back, you ban him, then you miss him. He has a perma ban and it should stay that way, but Nolanfans is yours, do as you please.

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Crazy Eight wrote:I don't have a problem with it. He never bugged me on the forum and I enjoy chatting with him outside of it.
Same. But I don't want m4 to leave. m4 > Talli.

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The big question is; does Talli want to come back?

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I straight up don't want him back. The fact is he knew the rules and he broke them, so his punishment is fair.

He is drama, and the only reason people wanna bring him back is to spice things up while things are slowing down. Lets not forget the negative effect he had on this site, and how far we have come from the constant baiting, and trolling.
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