[POLL] Should NF have a Man of Steel board?

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Should NF have a Man of Steel board?

I couldn't care less
Total votes: 41

Anyone with half a brain should be using the View active topics page anyways so this really doesn't make a big difference.

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But the point of a separate board is you can make several threads on different subjects for the same film. I'm still totally for this, not only is he producing, he has a story credit too. It's very Nolan relevant.

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I think a board for Nolan's production credits will work, since we are getting both MoS and Pfister's film. I also won't be surprised if Nolan is a producer on more films in the coming years.

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Woo, Syncopy board.

Cheers lads.

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TeddyBlass wrote:Ask and you shall receive

Thankyou!!! Image

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Syncopy board created.

Now shush.