Video Games Part II

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Video Games II: Part Two

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m4st4 wrote:Video Games II: Part Two

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m4st4 wrote:Video Games II: Part Two
I don't get it. What game is this a reference to?

(We could do Video Games 2: Episode 2)

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Video Games 2: Fuck You Too

ChristNolan wrote:
Cilogy wrote:Video Games 2: Days of Socializing Passed
My vote
This is the only option

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AsianVersionOfET wrote:Video Games 2: Fuck You Two

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Blizzard needs to announce this for Bone/PS4. :judge:

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i have a ton of confidence in Overwatch

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the #TooManyGames problem is real

I've been really obsessed GTA Online lately for some reason, so I've been neglecting pretty much everything else

Got an hour into Arkham City and I haven't gotten around to it again. Same with Fallout 3. The Bioschock trilogy and Pillars of Eternity are collecting dust.

I haven't played Dragon Age: Origins in months, and I barely got about half way through it.

Fuck The Witcher 3 ... what even is that?

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