The Last of Us - It can't be for nothing (Part II announced)

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Haven't played TLOU but I know that it ends in a manner that doesn't ask for a sequel. However, it doesn't end the story of these characters per se either as they're definitely still able to tell incredible tales.

Instead of being concerned with NaughtyDog being "money hungry" and cashing on a well-respected franchise, I'd rather focus my energy in the positive aspect of a sequel brought by the same company that never really disappointed so far.

And people have been asking for a sequel for a long time now. All these comments are once again the small LOUD minority of negative and frustrated people that always look for something bad in everything there is to see.

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Vader182 wrote:
darthnazgul wrote:
Ellie and Joel's story was finished, and incredibly deliberately. Listening to Neil Druckmann talk about the ending to the first game makes it feel even more like a nail in the coffin, and a sequel that continues their arcs takes away the point of the ending.

It'd be like if we got Inception 2: Cobb's Return. It ruins the impact and intentions of the initial release in favour of marketability.
"I know I don't know almost anything about the narrative decisions or context or handling of what I'm talking about, but I've decided and I don't like it"

I'm just saying it because of what Neil Druckmann said about the ending of the original. I'm not saying the game isn't going to be great, because I'm certain it will be. I just feel conflicted about Joel and Ellie returning.

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Bruce Straley, who co-directed The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, will not have the same role on The Last of Us 2, sources tell Kotaku. His longtime creative partner Neil Druckmann is directing the game.

Official word at the studio, sources say, is that Straley is on a yearlong sabbatical. Sony and Naughty Dog did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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During a panel for the highly anticipated sequel at PSX, Druckmann said "Ellie is the star" this time around. He also revealed that Part II takes place several years after the first game, with Ellie now 19 years old.

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Wowwwww great trailer

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Batman Begins didn't need a sequel either

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Dropping in to say I'm hyped and excited. Haven't been in a long time about a release (be game, movie or some other thing).

ps: people bitching, like always on NF, in the Video Games thread, ughhh. You never learn I see.

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