Poll: Are they gonna flip the E in the logo?

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.


You just know they will...
I think they won't actually!
Total votes: 45

For some reason I feel they're gonna go the classy route and not do it.

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If they don't, they have to at least animate that second E in the teaser.

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It will be so cheesy if they do. Pray that they don't.

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No but they'll capitalize the final T and not the first one.

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this is solo's best thread in a while, ilu


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Nolan is always ahead of what any of us might think he will do. He's always one step ahead of everyone.

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No. The T will be flipped upside down.

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they're ognna reverse the title completely so that instead of TENET, it'll be be TENET

mind blown!

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Don't know, but you can bet all of the letters will remain uppercase. Besides that being a classic Nolan trademark, this title is too fitting not to uppercase it all.

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but for which E

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