Untitled Nolan Film - Box Office Discussion/Speculation

Untitled Event film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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AsianVersionOfET wrote:
March 21st, 2019, 8:59 pm
In before the delete!
I was going to say, it will probably not be deleted, but repurposed as the box office thread (but for whatever reason I decided not to say it).

Lo and behold, a few hours later...!

Just for fun comparison, the first post in Dunkirk's box office thread pretty much nailed it: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=18463

So applying that same logic, billion here we come? :gonf:

Though yes, the Dunkirk post was made on June 1, 2016 after filming began and we already knew the subject matter, while we know basically nothing concrete about the 2020 film other than the three lead actors. :P

Edit: So June 2, 2019 is the cutoff date for your "wow, you really nailed it!!" predictions, people!

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I predict:
$200 million to $290 million Domestic.
$800 million to $850 million Worldwide.

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I predict




I don't know how much exactly but I predict it nonetheless

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$500-$600 million I predict

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Can we stop measuring a billion worldwide as some measure of success. It depends on all sorts of things, genre, budget, plot.

Seeing Dunkirk as anything other than a financial success is ridiculous considering the subject and budget.

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