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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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Recently released city documents shed light on a plane crash sequence shot at the local airport and reveal what the production meant to Victorville financially.

VICTORVILLE — Southern California Logistics Airport received over $680,000 — its highest filming fee yet — after serving as a backdrop for director Christopher Nolan’s latest film project, “Tenet,” new city documents show.

Set for release next year, “Tenet” is described as an action epic involving international espionage, time travel and evolution. It will be Nolan’s first feature-length film since he wrote and directed 2017′s “Dunkirk,” the World War II-era blockbuster that earned more than $525 million worldwide, according to the website Box Office Mojo.

Details about the upcoming movie remain scant, but a recently released staff report shed light on what the production meant to Victorville monetarily, what role the city’s airport will likely play in “Tenet” and what exactly was filmed locally in October.

The Daily Press previously reported on the production during filming. A review of the new documents revealed, among other particulars, that “Tenet” will likely feature an elaborate plane crash sequence replete with pyrotechnics shot on SCLA grounds.

“The filming activities included several stunt sequences involving a Boeing 747-200 aircraft, most notably crashing the jumbo jet through a parking lot and into a film set that resembles an airport terminal building,” the staff report read.

The eight-day shoot was made possible via a film license agreement between Classic Films Inc. — an affiliate studio of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. — and SCLA.

The staff report noted that the “multifaceted nature” of the agreement brought about a lengthy negotiation and legal review that “threatened to severely delay the production schedule.” As such, a one-month agreement was executed “prior to Board approval.”

The Victorville City Council approved the contract on Tuesday.

A diagram included in the staff report shows the Boeing’s path down a taxilane set dressed with other planes and lighting. The aircraft travels toward separate sets of pyrotechnic effects in the diagram.

It then veers left into a constructed “corporate park” — described as a “parking lot with dividers and trees” — before hitting the hangar built for the scene with another pyrotechnic set close by.

About 200 crew members and 100 background actors participated in the main shoot, which occurred between Oct. 3 and Oct. 15. Film crews were at SCLA between Sept. 23 and Oct. 24 to setup and breakdown sets and lighting.

City spokesperson Sue Jones said the $681,987 in revenue was the most the airport had received in filming fees. The money includes $325,000 that will pay for the widening of an area just west of hangar which Boeing rents.

Boeing helped negotiate the one-time fee with the studio and said the improvement was needed to accommodate newer aircraft.

SCLA has served as the setting for many other movies, TV shows and commercials over the years, including “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” “Jarhead” and “Top Gear US.”

The staff report said a production the size of “Tenet” produces “large revenues” for SCLA, diversifies its revenue stream, promotes the airport as a premium filming location and temporarily boosts the local economy.

Filming for “Tenet” which began in May, will span seven countries once its finished, according to entertainment website IGN.

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Thank you very much ;)

A big ostage crisis
An airplane crashing into a terminal airport
Apparently lots of night shootings

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$680 grand just for using the runway? no wonder this film has a 200 million price tag

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I was able to visit the set of #TENET and wow the final set pieces just prove why #ChristopherNolan is one of the best directors in film history
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The one in Eagle Mountain??

Probably he is referring to the plane crash scene at SCLA? :think:

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According to Imdb the film is now in post-production.

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So yesterday WAS the last day of filming, how exciting!

you guys think we're getting a trailer by the end of this month?

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El Especial wrote:
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So yesterday WAS the last day of filming, how exciting!

you guys think we're getting a trailer by the end of this month?

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