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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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I speculate that there would be problem with movie shootings because there have big singing ,where had by axample in 2014 33 025 singers at same time. And also there have hundreds of thousands in publicum.First one was in 1869 and it happens only in 5 years and 2019 is this one.Only one time and in Second World War it was not happened.What means and what was happened in the past that big things at same time doesn´t get permissions.https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Cldlaulupidu

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Their Estonian partner Allfilm was told that problem was within elections. In 2019 there had two important elections General Parlament (Riigikogu) and Europarlament.One of this were in 8 March and second one 29 May and if not all than most officials were contestants of one or both elections).Today´s mayor got voted to General Parlament, but he or his party chose to be mayor of Tallinn.Former mayor (april 2017- april2019)was contestant of European Parlament.

But mostly people believe as me that Allfilm just were lazy and did not set application.There have very simple form and even on first page.Only thing is that all documents etc should be in Estonian otherwise they are moved to Recycle Bin.But they have very easy and informative webpage in English and what to do https://www.tallinn.ee/eng/Teenus-Public-event-permit .

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snaiper wrote:
June 16th, 2019, 11:36 am
Ruth wrote:
June 16th, 2019, 8:15 am
It’s just so bizarre to see such a big production not have this sort of stuff planned to a t in advance. I wonder how much of this issue arose from a possible belief that a small country looking to attract big shot productions would probably want to cater to their every whim so they didn’t plan this through and thought it would be fine to pick and choose what they wanted on the spot. Tallinn, even for a capital, is not a massive metropolis at all, wanting to close down a main or one of the main roads for a month sounded like nonsense from the very beginning. I’m curious to see how this plays out, but for a Nolan production, this mess is honestly surprising.
There is this problem that Tallinn is Estonia´s only city, what never sleeps and is metropolis . There have airports,lots of ports and when we are talking about smaller cities then by example Tartu ( City o University) is very very sleepy at summer because university and schools not working.There have no airports and ports at least that kind of, what are on international known.In Soviet Union people should own only one car in family and so all Estonia had lots of less cars then in Tallinn today.So Tallinn was built mostly in these times, where architechts should not expect that now there have 500 000 cars, not 20 000 or 50 000 in all Estonia.Funny fact about Estonia is that Tallinn is most bigger city and not even half million population.Second and other cities have even under 100 000 and we have only 47 cities in Estonia.Two last ones even don´t have thousand locals there.
This is literally what I was saying a while back regarding developing countries (Estonia was one until 2011), and some guy smugly replied ‘You don’t know Estonia.’

I might not know Estonia but I know a problem when I see one.

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Snaiper, it’s what I meant when I said Tallinn was not a “metropolis” - by all means, it’s the heart of the country, it’s grown and become busy, but the infrastructure is just obviously not even comparable to the massive other cities/capitals of Europe, let alone to the US. Closing down a main road in a situation like you described, is like cutting the cord of the bigger part of the city. I’m from a Baltic country myself, so I kind of can realistically imagine the possible impact of the issue.

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Why i described my country and facts of Estonia, was because there have always background.There should have several years, where probably nothing changes.Two important elections and festival,what happens only by every 5 years.So i think that crew in here does not offer any application by mail and so these elections was so "important" that politicians did not waste time to dealng with some kind of jerks.I suppose that people in city government should think that if there have serious Hollywood stuff coming then just take some famous actor or director himself and lets go.No written application and maybe there had been lots of "openminded" people with Hollywood connection and so officials did not take it seriously.And maybe by jure this is ok, because no application, no response and nobod´s mistake.

Personally i think that possibly Tenet would be Nolan´s biggest movie when released.Does it released in that day than if shouted, that´s question.Because troubles in here will make troubles in other countries too because schedule.Or there comes another bonus movie about all these problems in here and maybe in other countries too.Or some another director was shooting movie about negotiation problems, because there have snowball effect if some partner was making mistakes or does not take seriously then we should waste time to judging,who is responsible and how.And funny fact about trivia is that Chris does not have e-mail and cell phone, so maybe there will be problem by him.If there have question about shooting time and locations,no government officials and partners in here can´t ask or to explain anything.

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Warner Bros is so amazed to security costs.

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I don't know how reliable this is, but this article claims the scene involves:
The Tallinn City Hall is currently being made for the Ukrainian Opera in Kiev, where a hostage crisis is also taking place, which ends with an attack by government forces using also poison gas.
...and speculates it's inspired by:
a real-life theater hostage crisis in Moscow in 2002
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