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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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All directions points to it.
We're going to see an horror film by Christopher Nolan.

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What directions exactly?

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AhmadAli95 wrote:
March 13th, 2019, 8:12 am
What directions exactly?
one direction


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AhmadAli95 wrote:
March 13th, 2019, 8:12 am
What directions exactly?

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waiting like

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Yeah - maybe we'll have to watch a stream for weeks to find out what the film is called, what the film is about.

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Meh, let's go back to predicting shit.

I don't know why but I keep picturing a more modestly scaled sci-drama. Like, think Alex Garland, or even Children of Men.

I even listened to an interview with Jonah recently where he said Never Let Me Go was his brother's favorite movie that year it came out.

Because this belief that this is some humongous 500 million dollar movie with an A-list star cast seems more and more unrealistic. You can't keep those things a secret and filming is super close. Interstellar was announced seven months before cameras started to roll.

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I've been thinking for a while now that this is a "smaller" movie. Same size as The Prestige and Insomnia.

And I still think it's possible that we're getting one of these:

- Mr. Hughes
- Hell and Gone
- The Keys to the Street

Any Nolan film is an event film now; I don't think budget has anything to do with it.

Every time Spielberg, Scorsese, or Tarantino have a new film out, those are event films. Same case here.

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It's not low budget people! It's a freakin IMAX movie in July what's so hard to understand. He's not shooting Keys to the Street in IMAX.

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Nolan's position in the industry is unprecedented. He can literally do whatever he wants.

Neglecting such a privilege would be a new level of stupid. He's not going back anytime soon.

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