Top 10 films of the last 100 years

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A pity the previous incarnation was wiped out.

You can also put your Top 10 Best Genre films of the last century list here 8-)
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I think you mean this century, 21st.£

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Well the previous thread was "last 100 years" so I think I'll change it to that. 1900's is a bit tough lol but it can be done like this


Top 11 or whatever lol

A Top 10 of this century would be neat as well

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1910s: Intolerance 7/10
1920s: Metropolis 9/10
1930s: The Wizard of Oz 9/10
1940s: Rope 9/10
1950s: 12 Angry Men 10/10
1960s: Lawrence of Arabia 10/10
1970s: Alien 10/10
1980s: The Empire Strikes Back 10/10
1990s: Pulp Fiction 10/10
2000s: The Dark Knight 10/10
2010s: Interstellar 10/10

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1920s:The Playhouse
1930s:The Wizard of Oz
1940s:Bicycle Thieves
1950s:Ashes and Diamonds
1960s:Ivan's Childhood
1970s:Stalker/STAR WARS
1980s:Wings Of Desire
1990s:Three Colours: Blue
2000s:The White Ribbon
2010s:Rust and Bone

I'm sure I've missed out some blatant masterpieces but these are the films that have effected me the most,with most being played on what seemed to be a weekly loop about 1am in morning on the BBC.

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didn't we just do this...


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1. Andrei Rublev
2. Andrei Rublev
3. Andrei Rublev
4. Andrei Rublev
5. Andrei Rublev
6. Andrei Rublev
7. Andrei Rublev
8. Andrei Rublev
9. Andrei Rublev
10. The Informant!

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