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Christopher Nolan's action triller about the WWII story commonly known as The Miracle at Dunkirk. July 21, 2017.
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After seeing it 4 times, it's a 10/10 for me.
I got more emotional on my 3rd viewing in various spots in the movie than I did on the previous viewings.

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Aw. Where is my welcome party??? :P

I am so proud to be a NolanFan yo. Such an excellent movie. So intense from start to finish and I am so impressed with all the new babies: Fionn, Harry, Aneurin, Tom, Barry, and Jack (not specific order).

The structure of the story telling is the winner for me. That's so Christopher Nolan. Even with so little dialogue, especially amongst the soldiers, the moments of camaraderie, survival, friendship, desperation, fear, betrayal etc. is wonderfully portrayed with ACTING.

The time really flies by. Another tell of mine that this was a great film; by the end I was crying. Not because of one thing, but because I was experiencing so many things from each character - but it was mostly feelings of NF pride. Christopher Nolan you piece of shit :ninja:


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I never did this but add me as 10/10.

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9/10 for me Virgo.

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A 9/10 from me.

Got really intense by the end and The younger actors were really good.

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