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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Yees, awesome that Antovolk enjoyed this. I'm dying to ask some questions, but I probably should just wait since I'm less than one week away from seeing it.

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antovolk wrote:
AhmadAli95 wrote:Did the music from the prologue make it into the film, or is it not part of the score?
ِِAnd just how I expected. The score is one long Imperfect Lock. The score album is going to piss a lot of people (including me if it doesn't include the music from the prologue)
yes it does make it into the film. hell, it scores the opening also

yeah the thing is that there's no main melody/theme really till the end credits. otherwise it's experimentations on the ticking clock/building motifs
You just made my day, thank you. Since I gave in few weeks ago and watched the prologue I couldnt think of anything else but only the fact that if its in the film or not (hopefully on the album too). Thanks again, I am a bit more calm now :thumbup:

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How is the credits? Just black screen and white letters or...?

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Six hours :!:

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AhmadAli95 wrote:
okungnyo wrote:
antovolk wrote:I meant - the sequence in the film that the prologue is based around off is 15 minutes into the film.
So five minutes of the prologue = eight minutes in the actual film?
You're confused :) He means that there's footage we haven't seen(?) before the footage that was used for the prologue.
so 15 minute of footage => prologue footage/sequence (extended) => rest of the movie.
Yeah, but what I'm asking is how much the prologue was extended by. :lol:

To put it a different way: "The prologue is five minutes long, but in the final film, the same set of sequences has been extended to eight minutes?".

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natalie wrote:
Please tell us how good it was lol

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I'm seeing it on Wednesday :D

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Come on, natalie! :D

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