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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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After a second viewing, 9.5/10, only because personally the perfect 10/10 is a mark I feel like I can only truly give once, and I hope that Nolan has something even more groundbreaking in his future.
That being said, I did enjoy each and every frame, every line of dialogue, every sound effect and musical cue. I loved the week/day/hour and how the three timelines played off of one another and finally converged. I loved the sparse but pitch perfect acting. I loved Zimmer's score, and during my second viewing had to wonder how much Nolan owes to Zimmer. All I all, I loved this immensely and feel lucky to have been alive to see it.

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So I saw it a third time this morning. My 8.7 score is pretty firm and I think will stand as such. For what he executed, I see a plenty flawless attempt at it. I think the silent approach lacks the ambition of what could make this a true masterpiece, though. It doesn't have to give character backstories, but a little more character and plot development would have been nice. I still like what he gave us, though.

That all being said, I really tried to play this in my head if it was played in chronological order, and I'm now just laughing at critics that think it would have worked that way. The pacing would have been wretched. Nolan couldn't have taken the film that he made and put it chronologically. If somebody creates an edited version that is chronological (hey, maybe I will someday just for the hell of it), it won't play well. It just won't.

The only way it would play well is if you cut out 80% of the AIR narrative, 50% of the SEA narrative, and add many more MOLE scenes that build character development. You can even keep the 107 minutes time length doing that. As it is though, Nolan nailed it. I really hope I can send a personal e-mail with a chronological version to every critic that complained about it, and see if they like that version of the film more. If they are true film critics, they'll realize why Nolan did it the way that he did.

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First viewing: 9/10

I plan on seeing it again when I can but for now, put me down at that.

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Got my 2nd viewing in an hour. Most people say it's better the second time, if it ends up being that for me, it might top my list of favorite Nolan films, cause it's already damn close.

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So this was TDKR2 basically
from the Cillian character appearing with a bag (cloth, I know I know) over his head

through the savior-pilot-sacrifice-doom-device-prevention-crash-death-ambiguity

to the quote recitation at the end

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Pratham wrote:Image
not my fault Nolan can't do anything new

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prince is joking though.


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