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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Funny how some of you mentioned Gravity. I believe Dunkirk will work exactly like that movie: It's gonna be a thrill of a "movie going experience", great reviews, people are going to say it is an astounding, non-stop action movie, filled with heart-pounding sequences.

6 months later people will barely remember it or give a shit about it. I get this impression just by watching the trailers and prologue, to me it seems pretty obvious that the intention of the filmmakers is having characters and emotions as filler for the action set pieces, let us fucking hope as "Nolan fans" this is just that: a deceiving impression from the marketing campaign.

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Burn this section to the ground.

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MyCocaine wrote:Burn this section to the ground.

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MyCocaine wrote:Burn this section to the ground.
yes also fuck rotten tomatoes

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MyCocaine wrote:Burn this section to the ground.

I don't give a fuck about Rotten Tomatoes to be honest.
The general impression of Dunkirk has been like this:

When the the teaser came out, some people said it seemed to be an "art-house" movie.

When the first trailer came out, some people said that it looked like a conventional WWII drama.

When the TV spots and third trailer came out, people were like "WOW! This is a suspense thriller!".

I personally think that it could be the three combined into one movie. I'm excited about the action and the relentless pace, but it has to hit me emotionally with dramatic moments. People are used to Nolan's mind bending twists that require a lot of thinking. Obviously, he can still do twists drama-wise here and there, but if I'm judging by what I've seen from the trailers, he's giving us mind bending visuals.

As much as I liked Gravity, I can't bring myself to watch it again even though I quite liked it. I hope that Dunkirk is the type of movie that I would want to watch over and over again.
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Gravity is much more than you think it is

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I think it's appropriate to post this here after all the heated arguments. I've only seen a few "war" movies or should I say movies that are set in WWII, and they all showed the enemy. So I think this one of the things that are unique about this movie that I hope it gets praise for if it works.

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Nomis wrote:
MyCocaine wrote:Burn this section to the ground.
yes also fuck rotten tomatoes
:lol: !

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Dunkirk currently has the highest rating on Letterboxd out of all the upcoming blockbusters: (those without number ratings such as Valerian excluded) 3.5 ... -the-apes/ 3.6 3.8 3.6 3.7 3.7

Now obviously, most of these ratings are probably fake and from people who haven't seen the film.

But according to Contention, a Senior Member on the AwardsWatch forums, some "5/5 letterboxd ratings for this [for Dunkirk] from legit members".

And even if most of the ratings are fake, it's still impressive that Dunkirk beat out all those other films like Justice League and Star Wars, which are decades-long franchises with huge, passionate fanbases.

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All it has to do with is Nolan's fandom, not Dunkirk.

That side of us, unfortunately, is very similar to Styles' fans.

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