Christopher Nolan's action triller about the WWII story commonly known as The Miracle at Dunkirk. July 21, 2017.

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Love this part from the Variety piece:
The film wasn’t made with awards in mind, he says, hence the decision to release it in July instead of at the end of the year with the other plaudits hopefuls. But armed with rapturous reviews and powered by a dearth of front-runners, “Dunkirk” increasingly looks like the film to beat on Oscar night. At the very least, it should give Nolan his first nomination for director.

“We saw it as a blockbuster,” explains the maker of juggernauts like “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Inception” and “Interstellar” as well as the indie breakout “Memento.” “It’s a strange [term] to use in relation to the subject matter, but we saw it as an entertainment, albeit one that’s intense and suspenseful. We wanted it to reach the widest audience possible, and that happens in summer.

Nolan just casually makes a masterpiece and doesn't spend a single though on awards during the production, but decides to promote it as an Oscar candidate after he sees how it's recieved. Wish everyone did this so November and December wasn't stacked with Oscar bait.
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While I agree Nolan was smart for doing that, it wouldn't really make sense for these slower, artsy films to come out in the middle of the summer. I prefer having films like Phantom Thread and Shape of Water being later in the year, separated from the superhero/summer blockbuster action stuff.

Granted, the superhero genre seems to be permeating every month nowadays.
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Allthough I do agree movies like that shouldn't come out in the summer, I still feel like they could stretch out a little bit more. This October has been completely awful for cinema (except for Blade Runner), while in December there are like 10+ movies coming out that want take a shot at the major awards. I understand why they do it, but as a film fan in a small country, it's rough not getting to watch some of these great movies until like February/March because of their narrow release. Even if I lived in LA I probably couldn't afford/have time to see all of them in November and December.

It's not great for the consumers.
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