Dunkirk Awards Season Discussion Thread

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Just watched The Shape of Water. I mean, it was ok, but... c'mon, that shouldn't even hold a candle to Dunkirk. It's not even up there with Lady Bird or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. At least those I found enjoyable and could understand them winning. Hell, I'd even be ok with something like I, Tonya getting nominated over The Shape of Water. Again, it wasn't bad, but all the raves are insane. Nolan just doesn't play the politics or suck enough ass. And he shouldn't.

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dormouse7 wrote:
January 21st, 2018, 11:53 pm
MuffinMcFluffin wrote:
January 21st, 2018, 11:20 pm
natalie wrote:
January 21st, 2018, 6:56 pm
No SAG Award for Dunkirk 😔
I think that was a reasonable expectation to not attain.
I was hoping Dunkirk would win Stunt Ensemble. (though I did not see Wonder Woman)
Gotcha. It has been a lackluster year for stunt work, IMO. Dunkirk definitely should be up there.

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Bacon wrote:
January 21st, 2018, 9:15 pm
Award shows are idiotic and hopefully this encourages Nolan to forget about them lol.
i think he's one step ahead of you here

i admit to sometimes getting caught up in wanting nolan to win big prizes and of course i'm pulling for him here. but his unwillingness to be a phony and play the hollywood politics bullshit game is a very refreshing and admirable trait.

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At this point I would really just happy for that best Director nom tomorrow morning. Nothing else. I little bit of justice for Nolan.

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At what ETA will the nominations be known?

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Nomis wrote:
January 22nd, 2018, 9:47 am
At what ETA will the nominations be known?
Is 10:30 in Argentina... So 5:30 in Los Angeles :think:

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So… Oscar nominations are tomorrow. How many nominations do you guys think Dunkirk will get?

I have it at 9 nominations total.

Best Picture
Production Design
Original Score
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing
Visual Effects

I’m a bit iffy on Visual Effects but it did receive a VES nomination and apparently it went well at the visual effects back-off ->https://www.nextbestpicture.com/latest/ ... s-bake-off

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It could miss production design and VFX. We'll see.


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Yep, those are my same predictions as well.

I could see it perhaps miss Visual Effects, but because the film relies so much on practical effects, hopefully that made it stand out from the other nominees.

And even though there's always that bit of uncertainty when it comes to voters and Nolan, I still think he's getting in Best Director. Although at this point I wouldn't be surprised by a crazy snub... again.

Nonetheless, I'm confident on Dunkirk grabbing at least 7 to 9 noms. I hope it's 9 so we can pass TDK's and Inception's 8.

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