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Christopher Nolan's action triller about the WWII story commonly known as The Miracle at Dunkirk. July 21, 2017.
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Is that true? Film projectors cut off the edge of the frame? Is that a regular occurrence?
The camera aperture and projector aperture are different, yes.

For example see here:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/35_mm_fil ... ifications
So directors who film in film film knowing in advance that the edge of the frame will be cropped?
Yes, see this for exposed area vs the framing for spherical 1.85:1 for example:
And what do you mean by "the edge of the frame, with hair and other crap"?
The edge of the frame is not particularly sharp and can be uneven.

Examine the edges this Kodachrome slide for example:

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Thank you.

I was wondering why the corners in my IMAX showing(s) were rounded and black.

Is that the reason why?

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stanley wrote:This, and the upcoming remastered versions of Nolan's films, is going to force me to convert to 4K.
My Nolan, yes. Hopefully it gets released in one awesome bundle too. I almost bought the Blu-ray collection of his movies (even though I own them all) just to see the words "Christopher Nolan" on my media cabinet haha. This one for those unfamiliar:
Apparently the Italian edition includes the missing The Prestige? Twats.

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I have that set and it's beautiful. But I have the set with TDKR added. Plus my separate copies of TP and Interstellar next to it lol.

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I've created constant AR Blu-rays for TDK, TDKR, and Interstellar. As much as I love the IMAX sequences when watching on 70mm IMAX, at home the switching AR becomes jarring. It will be less so with Dunkirk that has a 2.20:1 AR for the non-IMAX scenes and most of it is shot in IMAX, but I'm still going to create a constant AR version to compare and contrast.

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AR shifts don't really bother me anywhere but TDKR because they're everywhere. They usually make the shots stand out to me more, especially in TDK.

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User of Interest wrote:
Insomniac wrote:Fuck, there needs to be an option on the Blu-ray to watch this with the original aspect ratios.
Is that even possible technically?
I think they can fit two versions of the film on BD, but that's not the issue.
I don't think it's possible to make a perfect IMAX version for home video. The issue is how are you going to present the 2.20:1 sequences? And since it was shot mostly on IMAX releasing the IMAX sequences separately might not work as it did with TDK & TDKR.

An IMAX frame in a 1.78:1 container - or how it will look like when played on a widescreen TV:

A 2.20:1 frame in a 1.37:1 container and how it will look like when it's played on a widescreen TV:


This is how it'll probably look like on BD:

God can't they make it available to pre-order and give us a release date already!

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As long as they have the AR shift on the 4K UHD, I'll be happy.

I'm considering to buy it on 4K, which would be my first 4K Bluray

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I don't know whether to get it on Blu-Ray or 4K. I don't plan on getting a 4K TV for quite a while but I hate paying to upgrade movies I own.

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