Dunkirk's Soundtrack

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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The comparison is there, but it's not like it's more derivative than usual for Zimmer. One of the best and most iconic Nolan pieces of Zimmer music to date is completely derivative of Thin Red Line. But in execution, distinctly different emotion and tone. Time has this ambiguous sense of wonder and sadness, Thin Red Line's version of the same piece is deeply sorrowful.

*only listened to a minute of this at a random place in the track


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aburak256 wrote:INTENSE. VERY INTENSE.
You can practically feel it from here
I see what you did there :clap:

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Nistopher Chrolan wrote:This definitely fits the tone of the movie, but I'm always expecting Zimmer to make tracks I can listen to for hours on repeat independently of the movie (such as "Time" and S.T.A.Y), and I hope he has at least a couple on this soundtrack.
AhmadAli95 wrote:I'm quite happy they've gone with that direction. Some of the visuals are very sleek and this track totally fits.
That's all true. But I thought the score in the prologue was more unique, this one sounds more generic. But it's obviously just one track, and it will for sure make hearts race.

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I was so excited when I saw that they released a part of the OST lol

Sounds intense. And like I expected, there are some synth sounds in there

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THAT. WAS. INTENSE. I feel like this whole movie is going to be edge of your seat non-stop adrenaline.

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Great track. Love the intensity.

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natalie wrote:
Intense, chaotic, I came.

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Not listening to that shit

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"Supermarine" refers to the Spitfires, so I'm picturing an epic dogfight scene with this playing in the background :o

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ChristNolan wrote:Not listening to that shit
It's not really anything crazy, just a couple different chords mixed with the usual bombastic zimmer

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