Dunkirk's Soundtrack

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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I assume Zimmer will be back to score the film. If not, who would you like to see?

What are you expecting the score to sound like?

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Zimmer will be back for sure. Nolan loves The Thin Red Line and I think has praised Zimmer's work on it, so that could be an indication.

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Yeah, most probably Hans Zimmer.

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He'll work with Zimmer and Michael Caine till they die. End of story.

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AsianVersionOfET wrote:He'll work with Zimmer and Michael Caine till they die. End of story.

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The question is: Has Hans already started writing ideas?

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Hoping they go full Once Upon A Time In The West and play the score while they film on set

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would it be too much to ask to... I don't know, take a break from Zimmer and say, call James Newton Howard for this one?

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Michael Giacchino :D

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Zimmer most likely.

But I never abandon the hopes that Vangelis and Nolan can work together sometime!

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