Christopher Nolan's action triller about the WWII story commonly known as The Miracle at Dunkirk. July 21, 2017.

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Christopher Nolan: why 'Dunkirk' is anything but a 'Brexit movie'
The response of some French critics, who regarded Nolan’s feature as portraying French soldiers in an unsympathetic light and downplaying their country’s role at Dunkirk, probably fed into the unwanted narrative of Dunkirk as a nationalistic or ‘Brexit’ movie.

Nolan, who has maintained that he wanted to frame his story as an “intimate epic” rather than an all-encompassing panorama, is keen to set the record straight here too.

“In truth, the whole massive effort behind the evacuation, including tens of thousands of French troops, is why we have [Kenneth] Branagh’s character at the end say he’s ‘staying for the French’. That was of vital importance to Churchill’s idea of standing with Europe against the Nazis and about European unity more than anything. To have a specific interpretation, you have to be ignoring certain elements of the film.”

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SeanOfdead wrote:https://twitter.com/WorstHeroEver07/status/936062089973719040 :gonf:

“There are 2 types of films made in Hollywood. Movies by committee and film makers movies. I’m not interested in movies by committee”

-Christopher Nolan.
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>a masterpiece
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Went and saw Dunkirk in IMAX again last night.

Even better the fourth time around.
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I'm probably the only one here who thinks Dunkirk could've been a better movie.

My point is, it's so good, that it should've been much more longer. I understand the concept of a 1h30 movie, but I like to connect with the characters when I watch a movie. I love Nolan's work and I feel a little sad about it, because I also didn't love Interstellar. That end... not that great.

The end.
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ehhh no

dunkirk just isnt that movie and it's much better for it. if nolan makes this movie 2 and a half hours and gives each character a big long monolgue it just becomes any other war movie, glorifies war and makes it all sentimental. no. this is depicts war as it is. hell. each character is just trying to survive,
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Well said.
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Really? I’m drunk and I’m sure I could say it more well if need be
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in other news I saw this again in laser IMAX and it fucking rules

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