Transcendence: Origins Prequel Game/App

Discussion about Wally Pfister's upcoming directorial debut film being produced at Alcon.
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In “Transcendence: Origins,” fans play the story of how the tech shown in Transcendence comes into existence. Players choose whether to join the anti­technology activists of R.I.F.T. (Revolutionary Independence From Technology) or help the Living Machines Lab achieve the Singularity, the capacity to transcend biology and upload minds into computers. The app invites users to reconstruct visually stunning memories and rebuild a mind. As they progress through the levels, players piece together fragments of images and sounds to figure out whose consciousness has been uploaded to form a sentient machine.

The app features Kate Mara and Xander Berkeley reprising their roles from the movie as players interact with their fellow researcher Bree (Mara) and lab director Dr. Thomas Casey (Berkeley). Is Bree trustworthy? What are Casey’s motives? What will be the consequences of the choices the players make? And where will their actions lead? In the end, the outcomes of the users’ branching conversations and ethical decisions will result in one of several possible endings―which in turn will dovetail neatly with the beginning of the Transcendence film itself.

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Do I need to play the game/app before watching the movie?

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JayPee wrote:Do I need to play the game/app before watching the movie?

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This app is horrible. Poorly designed. Barely works.

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