Transcendence Teaser Trailer

Discussion about Wally Pfister's upcoming directorial debut film being produced at Alcon.
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I liked it.

What a tease.

And I liked how it didn't show any words except the url

is there any viral things about the url going on?

Edit: apparently I can't get into the link again. What's wrong with WB? First it was Interstellar now it's this. (I know how to get to the Interstellar page now)

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I'd say it's an announcement teaser, like the ones Fox put out for Prometheus, hence it is "Video 1" on iTunes trailers...

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This must a teaser. The trailer rated was over 2 minutes.

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Damn this teaser looks cheap as hell lol

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This is gonna be amazing

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Looking forward to this tomorrow. 8-)

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RIFA wrote:Damn this teaser looks cheap as hell lol
Fifth Estate quality visuals


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