Transcendence (2014)

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BlairCo wrote: But he owned those 13 minutes. I can't see Depp own such a simple role And also:
Depp is gonna be playing a computer for majority of the film.
You are underestimating his presence, BIG SPOILERS, those who haven't read the script, resist.
He will be hologram and I think they will go Crowe's Jor-El way, his hologram will be real and not computerized otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever to pay the man over 20 million for such a small role.

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At first he will be only as a voice and beeing in computer, later he will create some kind of physical avatar of himself that could be just everywhere

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Does anyone have a file of Jack Palgen's script? I know its been floating around the internet for a while...

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I have the first version. Tell me what's your email and I will send it.

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I just read it, and whoa.

Really enjoyed it. Thought it was a very nice look into A.I. and its possibilites, what being transcendent would be and its effects. The twists are great. And the ending huh?

This one will be good (unless they make it too hollywood-y and bad acted, but I'm confident).

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The material is DEFINITELY there for Depp. Even though
He becomes transcendent, I'm sure the scenes in which he is the A.I. are gonna be killer, that's where he can shine even more than as just Will

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