Man of Steel (2013)

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Insomniac wrote:
agentmi5 wrote:i cant believe the way some of you are responding to RT ratings, i mean does these 100 people have to decide for the whole world if the movie is bad??? It is same with everything else these days there are people who tells us what to eat, what to do, and now what movies to watch, just like some government plan for making mindless drones from its own people, do as we tell you blah blah blah. Starting from tomorrow the world will start to judge, will they accept it or reject it and it will be the world and not just the point of view of 100 people.
Tell me, when a friend or family member of yours recommend (or don't recommend) a movie to you, do you scream "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO THINK!" and "WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHAT'S GOOD?!" in their faces?

Just curious.

Also, your profoundly stupid post seems to insinuate that box-office grosses dictates whether or not a movie is good.
What does friends or family have to do with critics? :facepalm: because my friends and family are not movie critics. And by whole world i dont mean money i meant other countries to see it.

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Wow, rotten. That's pretty bad lol.


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That's why you don't issue a "consensus" after 30 reviews. This kind of reeks of WB tampering haha.

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Shame about the rotten rating but all well, I'm still really excited seeing it tomorrow and i'm sure it'll be a blast.

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I'm sure I'll love it anyway but... damm.

Six months ago I would have never guessed such a harsh reaction against this movie.

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From I've collected

Top Critics dont like

Fans love it

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TehBatGetsBraked wrote:From I've collected

Top Critics dont like

Fans love it
Yep, few friends watched it and say it's amazing

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MoSFAN1998 wrote:
07202012 wrote:
MoSFAN1998 wrote: Do you actually enjoy wasting money?
Well, I don't.
I refuse to watch movies with negative scores. I prefer to save the money to watch something better.
Fuck off. Thank you.
Great rebuttal
You are an idiot. Your name is ManOfSteelFan.

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