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Discussion of the Superman reboot produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.
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Use this thread for your reaction or review once you've seen the film. And much like the similar thread for TDKR, the rules are pretty simple.


1. Only post your reaction or review. No discussion. Keep that here: Man of Steel Reviews & Reaction Discussion
2. Try to avoid using spoilers, but if you do, please, put them in spoiler tags! Don't know how to use the spoiler tags. You're in luck. Here's some instructions. Don't want to get banned? Read this!
You don't want to be the dumbass that ruins this for others.

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It's almost 4 in the morning. I just got back from the midnight screening. Can't sleep. Guess Ill be doing a little review then. Here goes:

First of all. It's a good action film. The storyline is pretty straightforward, not really that Nolan'esque (which is understandable since a 'story by' credit can pretty much just be half a sheet of paper of a general outline)
Shannon and Crowe did a great job! By far my favorite performances in the film. Cavill was a fine Superman - he did his part.

The first part of the film which takes place on Krypton is amazing! I would watch an entire film with just that place! Great special effects as well!

I feel like the film got a little weak in the second half. It was a lot of Superman flying around from place to place saving people and fucking shit up. Which brings me to my next point. SHIT GETS FUCKED UP IN THE FILM! DAMN!
Minor spoilers:
The amount of city Superman and Zod just destroys in the combat is a bit extreme. Skycrapers are falling over everywhere, we are talking tens of thousands of deaths... if it wasn't a comic book film ;)
I think the problem I had with the second half of the film isn't as much a issue with the film, as it is an issue with the character Superman itself. Because of his incredible super human powers, it just get's a bit silly at times. When you've seen superman getting punched through a building ten times - it gets a bit old. And you never really see him at his low points. The only place he really feels vulnerable - it's just easily skipped over and doesn't last for more than five minutes.

Overall impression:
I liked the film for what It was, a good action film. I was a bit disappointed with the mediocrity of the story. It was pretty much a 'something happens' and then you just accept it kinda story. It's a good action film, but it's not in the Dark Knight Trilogy kinda of league. at all.
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Just got back. Great movie. Will write more thoughts tommorow. Will say now that It lived up to the hype and is potentially the beginning of a great franchise.
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It was good but a few things left me disappointed. I still need to think about my score though.

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Quick thoughts. Terrific. RT scores don't mean shit.

I'll post more thoughts later. It's storming like a sun of a bitch here.

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Absolutely satisfying every way. A

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I saw a screening of MOS last night. I thought it was great. A new take on the Superman hero. I don't understand the critics on this one, much like the panning of John Carter, and when I say panning I mean hit job. John Carter is a perfect example of a good movie (not great) that got destroyed by unfair reviews. And from the looks of it, it's happening to MOS.

But, I thought that MOS moved great, it was great pacing, it knew it was a superhero movie, not a drama or a comedy or a rom-com or whatever else. It knows it's a comic book superhero movie . Doesn't pretend to be anything else. Solid acting, great action scenes and the emotional moments don't beat you over the head and sit there uncomfortably long. Crowe is awesome as Jor-El, Cavill is equally great as Kal and Amy Adams is the perfect Lois Lane. Michael Shannon as Zod is very impressive and imposing, a definitive threat, in other words, a great Zod. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are also equal to the rest of this cast and round it very well.

The Story: It goes over the Kal-El journey to earth from boy to man, in a new, exciting way, and I have not seen this on film. Comic book possibly, but not on film. The character arc of Kal satisfies and surprises. How he builds relationships and how he figures it all out is interesting. The Zod threat is a THREAT, not a weak man with a diabolical plan, but A REAL THREAT!

Effects/visuals: Awesome. the set design and the Kryptonian Metalurgy Technology is truly inspired. I love the scene where so and so (No spoilers, so no names) is explaining their history. The background, like an old school black and white movie complete with moving solid set pieces, breathtaking. and The fight scenes are great.

Overall: A great movie that I can't wait to watch again on a giant IMAX screen. The 3D, don't worry about it. For a 2 1/2 plus hour move, it moves really fast and never feels dull or boring. Exciting, engaging and a new way to tell a very old story. Great Superman Movie. out for that satellite.

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(spoiler free bitches!)

Where do I begin with this movie? Allow me to take you through my thought process before seeing it. When I first heard the rebooting Superman I was all like "meh," when I heard Snyder was behind it I was like "mehmeh," and when I heard Nolan was producing I said "Ah, it's shoehorned in," and when I heard Goyer was writing I was like "OK, I guess."

July 20 2012...zomg just saw Batman Begins and The Dark Knight consecutively, and I was waiting for TDKR. First teaser for Man Of Steel came up and the audience was like "yipee." My initial reaction was "neat-o."

I woke up on December 11th to another trailer. This one really impressed me but I wasn't 100% sold yet. Then I woke up April 13th to find, gasp, another trailer, which I also really enjoyed. By now my interest had gone from "meh" to "aw yiss, motha. fukin. superman."

So since then I followed the film adamantly, learning as much Superman lore as I could, and even doing a few Man Of Steel fan sketches to ease the wait.

Then the reviews hit. I like many here were blown away at the negative response. Although it didn't phase me much it made me go in with lessened expectations.

So, what are my thoughts?

*drum roll*

I fuckin' loved it. I really did. It's the Superman I wanted and needed. As good as Reeve's Clark was, the Clark Kent that Goyer wrote is so much more fleshed out and more interesting to be frank. The way his story is told, in the non-linear form, makes it a lot easier to understand Clark as the movie progresses. Cavil's performance was really great, too. He managed to show the emotions that were needed to carry a lot of scenes, and delivered his lines without fault. He just played a very human Super-man. I can't wait to see more of this Superman, fo' real.

The supporting characters were all very good too. Amy Adams is a GREAT Lois Lane, and yes she is hot blah blah but she does do the role she was written justice, IMO. And on that note- I don't know who said Clark and Lois' relationship was forced but whoever did is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. It felt so natural the way they met and became friends before anything else. Some of her actions were a bit of a stretch, and one portion felt like a video game almost- but it still works OK. Overall I can't wait to see more of Adam's Lois.

Onto Ma and Pa Kent. These roles were done so well. Kevin Costner does such a good Jonathan Kent...and I won't spoil shit but we all know what happens to him and the way it's done is just so...perfect for this movie. Diane Lane is also a splendid Mrs. Kent, and her scenes with Clark are some of my favorite. Definitely a pillar of the film.

Onto Zod. Now I heard some people ragging on Shannon/Zod, and I can see where they're coming from but I don't agree. Shannon played the role with such dignity and control. He wasn't a "scene stealer" per say but he didn't have to be. Zod- for most of his scenes (but not all because Michael Shannon) acted like a General should. His motivations were very understandable, very much in part because of the way Krypton functions. Also that armor is fucking epic.

Jor El and Ayelet Zurer did really great as Kal's biological parents. Jor El can kick some ass too- but to be honest I don't know how much I like that/ He's a scientist, not a soldier, and if Krypton works the way it's supposed to why can he kicks so much anus? Regardless his scenes with Clark and Zod were really great, and Crowe played his part really well. He's a very believable Jor-El.

The way Krypton was fleshed out and explored is one of my favorite things that Goyer did. I love how it's not portrayed as the "ideal society," and has a rigid Caste system and unfair lawmakers, it make's Zod even more understandable in his actions. Another thing I loved was how the "Alien Invasion" part was really played up. In the first Superman movie it's just like "Oh, yeah, theres Superman. YIPEE!" But it's very well expanded upon in Man Of Steel. One of my favorite things abut the movie is how seemingly minor things like this were explored.

The action in the film is fucking insane. So much that it raises the question; too much? Well, maybe a bit. Maybe. The CGI is really great for the most part. The only time where I was like "yeah thats CG" is on Krypton.

Finally, the tone. I love the both dark and yet optimistic feel to the film. I'm one of those people who chooses to have faith in the human race, and I really side with Jor El when he says how humans have so much potential fro greatness. Seeing a movie acknowledge that and revolve around it is just great, for me personally. Side note: Hans Zimmers score is so fucking perfect. Wish I could go on but I can't. I could talk about this film fo-eva, as of right now.

The film has some minor bumps and flaws but when you get to the core of it, it's a really great twist on an already great story. A very solid A
Great exploration of Kal-El/Clark, interesting and cool supporting characters, great villain and despite some issues it's a great story with a great execution by Sénor Snyder. Solid A
Also this is a legit spoiler but I have to say it:
Seeing Daily-Planet Clark at the end made jump in my seat and clap my hands like a schoolgirl. VERY excited for a sequel

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My morning show @Big Odeon, CP, New Delhi got cancelled due to some "technical issues". :evil: Just came back from the cinema now.

The show was supposed to start at 10 am, but they made us wait for more than an hour after telling us that the problem would be rectified "soon". And then finally they said they have no option but to cancel the show. Frakking retards! :facepalm: And because all other shows for the weekend are housefull, they offered us Monday morning tickets as compensation! :crazy:

Thank God they offered us a refund, or the audience would have rioted otherwise. Never ever going to that multiplex again. This is definitely my worst experience at a cinema hall ever. :x

I'm so glad I bought tickets for today's night show too (at another multiplex - DT Star, Saket, New Delhi). Fingers crossed for that now.

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I'm really enjoy it.

Ok, Superman isn't Batman and Snyder isn't Nolan but the movie is entertaining and pack of action if you like it (too much in imo).
I like the origin story and characters. Kevin Costner and Antje Traue rules!
.... and btw Supes is a baby's mama :lol:

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