Man of Steel (2013)

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Doesn't need it's own thread guy

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oh sorry Im still new so sorry

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Anyone, anyone, Bueller? This looks phenomenal!

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Nomis1700 wrote:Ah the silence before the storm.... I wonder though, is that big guy next to Faora some other Kryptonian who's way to big or is that Zod in some massive armor? Or dare I say
one of the robots?
That's Nam-Ek. One of Zod's disciples.

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The movie will start out with the destruction of Krypton being narrated by Jor-el. Fast forward to Clark already grown searching for himself .Fast forward to flashbacks of Clark saving the bus (Reminiscing as the school bus drives-by & he finds the Fortress of Solitude plus the Tornado hits and kills Papa Kent).Meanwhile Zod sends the message towards Earth.Clark meets with his mom after the oil rig accident. Faora shows up with Nam-Ek at Smallville,Superman shows up (which is why ppl are locking their doors & such during the BTS footage he looks awkward.This is after he finds the Fortress of Solitude & flies towards the sky in the trailer shots).After Superman loses his bout with Faora & Nam-Ek, she tells him "For everyone he saves...a million more will die" (like the trailer shots).Superman turns himself in afterwards trying to do whats right (notice the shot in the trailer when they shoots at him & he swiftly moves away shots coming from a helicopter).He meets Lois right after & they have the interrogating scene.The military find out Superman is on the right side and agree to hand him over to Zod (military is in on it).Which is when the whole climax happens & Superman takes out the robots,Faora and Zod.They all end up in the Phantom Zone.Clark falls for Lois & he decides to get a job at the Daily Planet.The movie ends with Superman embracing who he is,with a montage of him walking through the elevator door (Glasses on face Comic-Con footage) with a Lois voice over & Superman flying towards space (same shot from the trailers).Which ends the flick.

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fix your spoiler... :facepalm:

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Hearing great things. #manofsteel

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@misterpatches @russfischer @colliderfrosty That sounds much more likely. The scale is gargantuan.

BOOM goes the dynamite 8-)

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Crazy_superman wrote:oh sorry Im still new so sorry
Naw man its cool

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Pratham wrote:
When are you going to see it Pratham?

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d4mi4n wrote:
Pratham wrote:
When are you going to see it Pratham?
In the first week, hopefully. Only in IMAX though. Won't settle for anything less. :geek:

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