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Discussion of the Superman reboot produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.
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As we grow closer to the release of Man of Steel, more and more information about it is getting released, and soon confirmed spoilers will begin leaking.

Also keep in mind that the release date isn't the same for everyone. So even after you've seen the film, please continue to use the Spoiler tag option.

And just because you have no will power to avoid spoilers, other's here do, and they'd like to participate in discussing the film with being spoiled.

There is nothing worse than having one of your most anticipated films of the year being spoiled before you get a chance to see it.

So if you prefer not to get banned, please use the Spoiler tag option when discussing potential spoilers (key plot elements, the ending). If you are unsure if you're posting about a spoiler, it's Probaly a good idea to just go ahead and use the Spoiler tag option. When in doubt, use it.

For everyone who doesn't know how to use the Spoiler tag option, here's a guide for you.
(Credit goes to Solo for setting this up) :twothumbsup:

If you're a n00b, this guide is for you! Here's how you use the tags:
The spoiler tag button is located in the bar directly above the textbox when you're writing a post.


Write your post the same way you normally would, then highlight the text containing all possible spoilers and click on the "Spoiler" button to add a spoiler tag.


Example of what not to do.

Example of what not to do.
Spoilers here plz don't read >>>>>> Darth Vader is Luke's father.

Example of what to do.
I was absolutely shocked when
Darth Vader revealed he was Luke's father!
"Oh I don't know how to use the spoiler tags." will not get you out of being banned.