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If Warner Bros. is hoping for 2013's Man of Steel to carry the torch left behind by Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, they're off to the right start.

Early last week, the studio debuted the first full trailer online (second overall when counting the summer's shorter teaser trailer) and it immediately made waves throughout the Internet. In fact, within 24 hours the film was tracking as highly as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - during the middle of its release week - on our daily Twitter tracking.

Man of Steel yielded over 43,000 tweets on Tuesday, December 11 with an excellent 17:1 positive-to-negative comment ratio. The tweet count represented a 10,674 percent increase in Twitter activity from the day before.

To give an idea of how impressive that single day tweet total is for Man of Steel, it exceeded that of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2's 41,870 tweets generated on the day of its first full trailer's release back in June. The Twilight franchise has always had an incredibly strong following across social media platforms, and while the same can be said of comic book movies and their fans, this kind of interest level is a great sign when considering Superman's disappointing box office history after the early 1980s.

Man of Steel's Twitter activity was also near identical to that of The Dark Knight Rises when its first full trailer debuted online almost exactly one year ago. The Batman finale tallied 41,629 tweets on December 19, 2011, a 997 percent jump from the day before.

Another comparison of note: Marvel's The Avengers debuted its second trailer on February 29 of this year, generating 37,021 tweets on that day and representing an 1,161 percent increase in activity from the day before.

In short: so far, thanks to the large number of online fans and expanded interest that director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan bring to the franchise reboot, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are definitely hitting the right notes when it comes to the first stage of marketing for this highly anticipated summer tent pole.

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What if this was part of the ending?
Maybe in the aftermath of the Metropolis attacks, Superman turns himself in when the military comes.

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Red Hood wrote:What if this was part of the ending?
Maybe in the aftermath of the Metropolis attacks, Superman turns himself in when the military comes.
it's intro

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My Guess:

- Origin of Superman (no need to explain this one, right?)
- Zod's Banishment (Zod gets sent to the Phantom Zone/offplanet. Because this is an origin story and his ship is called 'Black Zero' he may have been semiresponsible of the destruction of the planet).
- Smallville 2.0 (Clark growing as a kid in Smallville discovering his powers. He decides to travel the world to find himself because he's not ready to accept his origins).
- Birth of Superman (Clark finally decides to learn about his true nature and goes to the Fortress; he becomes Superman).
- Metropolis (Clark goes to Metropolis and we're introduced to the classic characters; Superman presents himself to the world soon after/a bit before and the military don't trust him but the public does because he saves them from minor crimes).
- First Peternatural Confronation (with Zod's group, maybe Faora, Supes gets his ass kicked and decides he needs to be more careful).
- Zod's Arrival (he gets to Earth and attacks. Superman battles him with all his strengh in Metropolis and wins. The colateral damage proveked makes Clark lose his confindece as a true hero, so he let's himself be arrested for the world's protection - Lois may also lose her trust in him after this).
- Zod's retaliation (a bigger offensive, the military try their best but fail. Superman gets the trust of Lois Lane and kicks Zod ass. Superman becomes Earth's hero).

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I really don't know this actor at all. At this stage Terence Stamp is fairly iconic perhaps in a similar way to Reeve as Superman. But like the recent Batman films it doesn't really matter, the older Tim Burton versions of the Joker and Catwoman still have their place in cinema history while the latest incarnations will surely have new and exiting things to show us.

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Brilliant. :lol:

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Dragon_316ca wrote:
Brilliant. :lol:
Sweet! :clap:

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Whether this


or this

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Master Virgo wrote:Image
Fuck yes.

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Saw the trailer in 3D with The Hobbit and it looked amazing and way better than on a computer.

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