New concept: "Why Are They Here...?"

A collaborative project utilizing the many talents of the forums' aspiring filmmakers.
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I came up with this concept for a new Collaboration movie a while ago, and thought it might be a good idea for a 'next' movie. Except that I don't really see the first movie to be produced soon, so maybe we can move on to this concept? I am not saying anything yet, if Tre Misfatti is going to be produced first it's fine. I'm just throwing a ball here.

Why Are They Here...?
A mockumentairy, filmed all around the world.

It has been 3 months since the arrival of enormous spaceships in every big city around the world, but they have not made any contact since. We've tried, but we can't get in touch with them, neither can we enter the ships. They are just 'hanging' there.
We will interview people around the world about their thoughts about the Extra Terrestrials. Why haven't they made contact? Should we make contact? Should we engage in war? Why Are They Here...?

If we can get enough directors to shoot a segment, we can actually make a feature movie out of this? (80-90 minutes). What are your idea's?

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Reminds me alot of District 9. Also half of District 9 is a documentary.

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That's very ambitious, it would take a lot of time. I like the idea, though.

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You guys could rather do a heist mockumentary... have some elaborate heist that just went wrong in humorous ways then you can cover all the angles, from government, public, hostages, staff, tv crew. etc etc

the idea seems too similar to District 9, even thought District 9 took itself seriously, its style was what made it unique.

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Too much like D-9, I think.

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alot like District 9 But i would love to get some shots of this.
I could quite easily get a shot of Melbourne city on the horizon but special effects i think we should assign one person to it so that it is all the same.
also if it is a short feature length, there also needs to be more of a story, since there are people from around the world doing it there is possibly more than one story, sort of like hereafter type narrative :P
Also directly to Erik - I think this collaboration should be tight - delete any topic with the old Collab and set definite dates for scriptwriting, filming to be done

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I would like to be a part of this, not practical wise (filming and what not, my camera is down) but maybe writing, producing or something similar. It's a nice idea, ambitious, but achievable. I think if we gather a large set of volunteers from Nolan Fans to do this, it could work really well.

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I have to be honest, I haven't seen D9 yet.

But I deffinately will before starting up this project, to make sure it is not the same. I believe this could be a good project, even though it might be a little like D9, but we need as many 'production groups' as we can. We will make sure that filming a segment can be done with no budget.

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Although it does sound like District 9 (I'm like the fifth person to say that now?) I'd like to be I involved.

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