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Tre Misfatti update

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This topic is meant for people who do not participate in the project. We have been discussing a lot lately on Skype and e-mail. You guys can't read that, so I thought I'd give you a little update.

A few weeks ago, George started up a discussion about the script. This led to a vote and that vote led to a new screenplay. We started over completely, and are now working on this new script that will be written by akv1984 and me. A lot of things have changed in the story. Now all 3 witnesses are also suspects. They all have something to do with the victim. A motive and clues to who the killer might be. This new approach led to a new ending, which is, in my opinion, way better then the previous one.
A first draft is done and we will go over this a few times to maybe a third or forth draft. After that, the directors can start shooting.
Except for xWhereAmI? His segment is still the same and he will probably start shooting soon. His segment (the opening sequence) will be used as a teaser for the project too.

Unfortunately, there were some members of the project that haven't been around for months. We had to let them go. The most important people are still here and will take over the tasks of the missing people. They won't be replaced.

I hope that we have a new final draft for the screenplay in mid-february. After that, we can set some more dates for the 2 remaining segments to be shot and edited into the short film. I think we should be capable of releasing this in the summer, maybe somewhere near the release of The Dark Knight Rises?
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How long is this thing gonna be?
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The script is 15 pages, what should be 15 minutes. Except that this script contains a lot of dialogue. I think it will be around 10 minutes.
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xWhereAmI? just got the green light to start producing his segment. He will be shooting the opening sequence of the movie, which will be used as a teaser for the movie.

Everything is going according the new schedule!
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Hello all. Again my absence must of been a huge mystery to all and pissed many probably all of you off. I have to tell you the truth, my life has been complete s*** for the last couple of months and I have not had time or attention to this project. Honestly it was really bad. I AM SORRY. I can say though my life is back on track and I am going good, but sadly I can't continue to work on this project. Even though my parts were small I still feel VERY BAD about going off the map. Please don't get mad at me, I just wanted to say something before you guys completely hate me. Like I said all is very good now and I am working on some very good short films that will premier at the Austin Film Festival coming this year!
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This will never be made.
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Based4Life wrote:This will never be made.

I'm still hoping for an early 2018 release
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Mr. Caine wrote:
Based4Life wrote:This will never be made.

I'm still hoping for an early 2018 release

Now that xWhereAmI? dropped out, we had to push that date to late 2018!
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Aw man, well, I'm still open Erik. I also have access to a shit ton of actors since I'm taking a summer training program at a Filmmaker's/Actor's Studio in August.
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