Dreams about The Dark Knight Rises

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Daltonator wrote:I had one ages ago that went something like this:

Room full of guys, perhaps mobsters, all discussing amongst themselves. We see Bane walk down some stairs, ominous music playing. As Bane walks into the room it goes silent IMMEDIATELY, Bane doesn't have to say a word, he walks in and all of a sudden the room full of criminals goes completely silent.
Reminds me of the scene in TDK were Joker walks in going "HA HA HA OOH HEE HAH OOH HA HEE...And I thought my jokes were bad."

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Had a weird one the other night of Bane as he is to appear in the film in one of the halls in Wayne Manor. He then pumps venom into his body and becomes like Bane from the Arkham video games and drags Batman by the legs through the hallway.
I have one messed up imagination :crazy:

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I had one last night and i can consider it spoilerish, so go ahead if you wanna read
Well Bane was a protege from Ras Al Ghul, so he know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. But Batman has disappear for years, so in order to revenge Ras and guarantee that he don't interfere in Gotham destruction. He uses for that effect Marion Cuttilard character, that is in fact Thalia Al Ghul, he uses her to seduce Bruce Wayne and form a strong relationship. Bane execute both the destruction of Gotham and Batman at the same time, first he takeover a prison and make the prison his hostage, menacing to release all criminals. Which he does and after that he says to one of his most loyal goons that is time to get Mrs Wayne (Codename for Thalia), so his idea is to put Batman in a dilemma, save Gotham or the love of his life
After that i wake up...

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I dreamt that Bane came into the bar where I work, and I was serving him milk. Yes. Indeed. And that was it. :shifty:

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I had a dream where Bane fought Batman and during that fight, every Batman theme ever were intertwined masterfully into one single beautiful melody.

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Even though this doesn't relate to TDKR, I had a dream i was watching the amazing spiderman and in the after credits scene they had norman osborn become the green goblin with the joker by his side and it was like a cgi joker it was really weird.

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I had a dream that Bruce Wayne was hosting a party, with Miranda Tate and Jim Gordon there, even though there was a major crime happening in Gotham. He needed to have a solid alibi to prove he wasn't Batman, and also couldn't go out since he was a wanted criminal, so he sent his protege Selina Kyle instead (who is now a hero in Gotham's eyes). But in the middle of the party, we learn that Selina was killed during a fight, when the Gotham police came to the party and wheeled Selina's body in on a stretcher. Now Bruce had to deal with Selina's death on his hands, just while Bane was rising to prominence.

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Last night I had a dream about Bane, breaking a guy's arm very slowly and brutally. You could hear the cracking as he twisted it. Makes me look forward to the next time Nolan directs an R-rated movie.

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Had a dream last night about the ending.

It was like a montage of various shots, panning around Gotham. The citizens had erected memorials across the city, but in odd art-forms. Mainly using iron, sculptures of the Tumbler, the Bat, and the Bat-Pod were put on top of buildings and in the streets. The montage also showed what happened to each of the characters when they went their separate ways after Bane was defeated.

The city was damaged, all the buildings looked like the ones that are surrounding the Bat in that TV spot, where the missiles are chasing the Bat.

It got to John Blake and I woke up, in fear of spoiling the movie for myself.

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