Hans Zimmer's TDKR Soundtrack

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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mchekhov wrote:so is that what the actual chant is in the score?


what language is that?

Yeah.... it'd be nice if they gave us something. Going to be fun just pulling those words out of my ass to make my recording.

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According to someone on SHH boards:

"accoriding the the website it is : Deh-Shay Bah-Sah-Rah"

Bah Sah Rah in Indonesian (on a translation site) means: The legal flooding Rah

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Hans is a fucking genius.

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I really think it's Indonesian though, because of the inflection in the voices, especially one of the higher pitched ones sounds VERY screachy and similar to the Indonesian monkey chant "kecak" from the movie Baraka, that was also used by Mike Patton and Mr Bungle on the album California - Goodbye Sober Day

Wiki of the chant:


Anyways, sounds cool without all the reverb.

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I need an mp3 of that.

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Hans Zimmer did a similar type of contest on UJam a month ago for Assassin's Creed Revelations and that was a success so I'm not surprised that he is doing this again. I would like to see how this will turn out.

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Everybody scream "NolanFans! "

This is fucking genius brought to level one billion.

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This is so cool, I just have to figure out how I'm going to chant that, haha.

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i just want to know what that chant is, so we can peg Bane's origin down

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