[SPOILERS] Production in Pittsburgh

The 2012 grand-scale epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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warnerg wrote:If you going to block someone so you do see their opinion, then whats the point of even being here. Talli brings up good points which make me look at things differently, but so does everybody else. That's I wouldn't block anyone regardless.
Oh, I'm blocking him because he's an ass. Yeah, so what if I thought that was Emily Blunt from the side? It's not like Talli ever goes way too far into speculation. Never has that happened...:roll: Yet when one person says their opinion about something he doesn't agree with, instantly his constant wild speculations make much more sense (sarcasm). :neutral:

Do you know what I mean?

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Terrific performance by JGL. :clap:

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MindYourSurroundings wrote:Image



The Delorian from Back to the Future came back from the dead, had its way with the Tumbler, and this is their love child.

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looks like it only has one jet engine.

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talli wrote:
warnerg wrote:Everybody's trippin about the batwing. This is Christopher f******* Nolan. If you don't like it go watch some other lame a$$ super hero movie.

i will.

It's called
the dark knight rises
You're not funny.

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I can't wait to hear how this baby sounds. The Tumbler, Batpod, and gunfire (bank robbery scene, chase scene) all have unique sounds and are amazingly loud and intense in TDK. That's just one more thing I love about Nolan's films; sound! Really helps to make the scene, along with a strong score as well! :innolanwetrust: