[SPOILERS] TDKR Viral Marketing

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:
Mason wrote:Yo man, it's possible.

Highly unlikely. :neutral:
But not entirely unlikely.

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I didn't even have to enter coordinates. The green dots just popped up and clicked on the one in my state. This happen to anyone else?

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theshaggyfox wrote:So Gofobo finally loads, but I can't even get the "create an account" part to load correctly without getting an error message. Fugg
Me neither. It takes forever to load and then won't work.

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got them!!!!!

got 2 for one location, and 2 for another..now i have options :lol:
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Now I just cant get the dam sign up to work. :problem:

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I really have no interest in this, I have no interest in waiting hours to see 6 minutes of anything. Even 6 minutes of the goddess Athena 69ing the goddess Venus. I mean, I already paid good money to see the IMAX Prologue at midnight in front of M:I4 with other hardcore fans. Then they added a 9 pm showing before it. Now this. I'm actually getting angrier the more I think about it. I understand why they do it. I just don't have to like it. I know the people who bought tickets for the midnight showing will still be a fun crowd and I have an assigned seat in the perfect seat. I'm going to enjoy that with my friends. Maybe I'll watch it online or something before hand, because I'm out of control and nothing will match the power of IMAX no matter how much I know what's coming. But I'm just really disappointed. And let me remind you, I'm disappointed in WARNER BROS. not NOLAN.

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I got my passes for the screening in Indy. Hope I get there early enough. It would totally beat $16 for it + Ghost Protocol.

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I can't create an account on gofobo. Hopefully, traffic will soon lighten up.

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