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Christian Bale will be “fitter than ever”, said his rep

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CHRISTIAN Bale plans to be “fitter than ever” for his next Batman adventure.

The actor is already in training for his third movie as the caped crusader, with Chris Nolan back as director.

“So far it’s all hush-hush and even Christian doesn’t fully know what the movie will be like,” reveals a movie insider.

“But he’s already working with a trainer and a dietitian to get the right look for Batman and Bruce Wayne in this movie. He plans to be fitter than ever.”

It's good to know that he's trying. :)
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Especially after seeing the trailer for "The Fighter" I would say yeah, this is a good idea.
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He did it in 2005 for Batman Begins after his emaciated role in The Machinist. I don't think he'll have any problems now either..
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Awesome! This guy has got stamina up the wazoo! :batface:
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Did anyone expect him to show up for B3 out of shape? lol
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Especially after seeing the trailer for "The Fighter" I would say yeah, this is a good idea.

He's been at a normal weight since he filmed that The Fighter for awhile now. :eh:

And what a non-article. What else is he going to be doing?
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He needs to be bigger than in THE DARK KNIGHT. Batman Begins was perfect to me. I think the whole look was better in Batman Begins. Too stylized and "Biker Baddy" in TDK.
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Yea, he was really skinny in TDK. Not very muscular.

But hey, I honestly don't give a crap though.

Good to know he's at work though. Gary Oldman needs to start growing out his stache soon. :oldmanface:
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except for one shot you never really saw his physique in TDK, so I didn't notice very much. In BB though he has had as many topless scenes as that guy from Twilight
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Love that story in the Batman Begins extras that Bale told...
"Bloody hell, Chris! What are we doing here, Batman or Fatman?"

Good to hear he's getting on the road to batman again. His face was a bit gaunt in TDK, especially in the "Who Rachel spends her time with is her business" scene.
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