4K Re-mastering of Dark Knight Trilogy

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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In one of the Dunkrik promotion interview, I heard Nolan saying he will administer the 4K re-mastering of Dark Knight Trilogy. Is there a date on the release of the disc or digital download?

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Not at this stage, as far as I know, but it's safe to say you can expect it before his next film (after Dunkirk of course). I think it was more of an announcement that it will happen, not when it will happen.

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This is great news. One can hope that they will re-release the trilogy in theaters and I really hope they do. I have been itching to see all three films in the theater once again, it's really the only way I fully enjoy seeing Nolan's films.

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Didn't Chris say all of his movies and not just the TDK Trilogy?

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Did he?

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CoolwhipSpecial wrote:
Baniac wrote:I thought TDKR was already available in 4K format?

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... k+ultra+hd
That's just upconversion.
Interesting...and lovely. Hopefully I'll have my 4K TV by the time the trilogy comes out on this format. :twothumbsup:

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Really hope this works out.

TDK badly needs a remaster, to the point that I'm kinda shocked Nolan didn't realize how shitty the blu-ray non-IMAX scenes are and make a change earlier

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Definitely, I do wonder how the 35mm scenes fare against the IMAX ones. There's just such a big difference in the negatives alone, I hope they can make it work now. 4K remastered 35mm shot films looks incredible already but I think this is the first time we'll see 4K remastered IMAX shot footage at home right?

Besides, did Nolan confirm they're working on 4K remasters of all his films? I'd love to see his other films mastered in 4K as well.

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