The 2012 grand-scale epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.

4K Re-mastering of Dark Knight Trilogy

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One day I'll get a 4k TV and this will be my first buy.
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me like
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if i had the funds i would absolutely buy a 4k tv solely for this
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^same :cry:
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I have a 4K TV without HDR, don't think I can justify getting a 4K player for that.
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Wow! I feel I need this in my life for some reason.

TDK trilogy and Interstellar in 4K! That would be the perfect Christmas gift.
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They're not remastering Inception? Nor his other films? :cry:
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Nomis wrote:They're not remastering Inception? Nor his other films? :cry:

i'm sure they have plans to, but remastering is expensive, and i think they're bringing out the moneymakers first to gauge interest
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