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4K Re-mastering of Dark Knight Trilogy

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Cilogy wrote:Really hope this works out.

TDK badly needs a remaster, to the point that I'm kinda shocked Nolan didn't realize how shitty the blu-ray non-IMAX scenes are and make a change earlier

yea, the 35mm stuff is composed so beautifully too - it's a real shame

the shots are just compressed and degrained to hell it doesn't look good
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And how will they do it this time? I guess they can prevent them form being compressed compared to IMAX shots?
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Does this mean there'll also be a remastered in 4K 1080p version of the film? I mean, I don't have a 4K TV or blu-ray player but those 4K remasters for regular blu-rays look top notch too.
4k refers to the resolution its mastered in not the final product (tho they may do a 4k release who knows (probably anto))
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Well I guess it'll be available in 4K, question is if it's also going to be made available to 1080p blu-rays. It does matter what it's remastered in, so this certainly helps.
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well one of the advantages of 4k blu’s is the enhanced color space

so even if the noticeable resolution difference is negligible, colors should be much more accurate to the original film

that’s assuming they get 4k blu release
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The Trilogy will get a 4k blu-ray release.
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Yes, I'm also wondering if we will get 'mastered in 4k' Blurays, considering I bought my 1080p TV only last year. UHD TVs in the range below 1000€ were/are considerably lacking in terms of motion clarity (damn 50Hz panels), black levels and contrast, and so on, so I just went with one of the best 1080p TVs rather than a mediocre UHD device...
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Especially Batman Begins needs this.
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Batman Begins' blu-ray is fine although it can be great. If any of Nolan's films needs a 4K remaster more than anything it's TDK for sure.
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