Ultimate Batman 3 Wishlist - Please Add To It.

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Yes, Harley Quinn as a Joker copycat is a good idea but her appearance should be short and nothing involved with the plot, it must be just a demonstration of Batman's fighting against the crime (and running from the Gotham police dep. ;] )

The Riddler is such a character Nolan can perfectly use for a "twist-ful" plot.

Nobody would be hurt if Penguin and Catwoman is in the film, like I say for Quinn, just for demonstration purposes.

Scarecrow & Ra's haven't been in any Bat-movie in the pre-Nolan era and with them Batman Begins worked great. So I'm open to new villians. My biggest wish is a good plot and a good twist like in The Prestige because I'm going to theatre for the story and so far Nolan hasn't dissappointed me. So I expect his choice will depend on the story, not on the popularity of the villian.

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johnny depp, daniel day lewis, or joseph gordon levitt as villains


please no catwoman, and penguin...that would ruin the authenticity of the realistic atmosphere that Nolan has been able to achieve.

references to the joker, but no clear shot of him

batman's downward spiral into aggression and corruption, a scar left by the joker

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I'd like to see the third Batman film revolve around Roman Sionis (Black Mask) as the villain. He returns to Gotham after a long time away to attend the funeral of old-time friend Rachel Dawes, where he encounters Bruce Wayne, another old friend who he has not seen in some time. Wayne finds a friend in Roman, but Roman has an ulterior motive.

After awhile in Gotham, Roman realizes that the city's organized crime is, well, disorganized. The Joker is in Arkham, Maroni is dead, etc. He plans to take over Gotham, first with the mob, knocking off Gotham's most notorious arms dealer, Oswald Cobblepot (aptly nicknamed "The Penguin" by Gotham media because he's always seen wearing black & white suits and has a beak-like nose), working all the way to the top, attempting to take over Wayne Enterprises, kidnapping employees such as Lucius Fox. Black Mask hits Bruce where it hurts, trying to take over the last thing Bruce has left of his parents.

...if not that storyline, I had something else in mind...

A film where Edward Nashton is hired by Gotham P.D. as a new detective to hunt down the Batman. He is first seen as an intelligent young man, aspiring to do good for Gotham. But as the identity of the Batman becomes more and more illusive, seeing it as the greatest Riddle of them all, Nashton begins to obsess over the Batman. He finally finds out that the Joker discovered the identity of the Batman, so Nashton goes to Arkham to interview the Joker. Deep within his cell, the Joker is hardly viewed on screen. Anything more than one scene would be too much if he's not re-cast by anyone of stature. But this could be a very dramatic scene in which Nashton and the Joker try to outwit each other, especially since the Joker has no desire to give up the identity of the Batman. However, if the Joker is recast, and is played by a well-known actor such as Guy Pearce or Joseph Gordon Levitt, perhaps a deal can be struck up between the two villans. Joker reveals the identity of the Batman as Nashton agrees to release him. A deal is struck, and as Nashton attempts to make his final strike on the Batman, about to reveal his identity, the Joker kills him. Obviously, it wouldn't be immediately after like I just wrote it out to be, and I'm not sure where it would go from there, but I'd imagine it would be very, very intense.

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Poison Ivy may be present for batman 3, but certainly not as a super human villain.
she might be a mentally ill person that thinks she could talk to plants. she decided to become an ecco terrorist that poisons her victims.

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Batman vs the Joker and the Riddler

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oh... also... add some water..

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If Nolan don´t come back, I don´t see a need for another Batman movie.
I think the movie would be center in Batman redemption no matter which the villan would be. Batman is no a conventional hero. He never will be that kind of hero because he is an outcast and that is what Nolan made it clear in TDK.
I see Noland's Batman movies as Western movies, both has the same structure. Think about it.
If Nolan come back, maybe, he would like to gave the franchise an end, a full circle, and that would be great.

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Daniel Day Lewis as Black Mask.
JGL as the Joker

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Mine: so many things happening at the the short epilogue in Gotham and Batman/Bruce´s life that no other director could do a forth without messing the story up. Like, THE Cliffhanger.

People would leave the theaters so HYPED that Nolan´s trilogy would be remembered throught 7 decades!

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Mr.Hmmm wrote:Daniel Day Lewis as Black Mask.
JGL as the Joker

hmm....daniel day lewis as black mask

thats so weird...cause as soon as u said it, i had this strong convincing image of him, in a tux, putting a mask on....everybody been pitching his name in for either the joker or the riddler, but i think a black mask would be a far more interesting role for him.

thats quite genius

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